Meet Your Photographer

Elizabeth is a theater and music (and the occasional wedding) photographer, arts administrator, and social media whiz kid (with some serious geek-tendencies).  How she got there, she’s not sure – but it sure has been a fun ride.

Growing up in rural western Pennsylvania, she was active in many things – music, 4-H, horseback riding and showing, the occasional acting class, dance, and more.  After breaking her back during a fall from her horse, she moved on to music – a more civilized (but only slightly) art form.

As an undergrad at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, she studied music education, played clarinet and saxophone in just about every possible ensemble, and was a mere 3 courses short of a religious studies minor.

Somewhere along the lines, she also picked up a semi-serious love of photography and got herself a halfway-decent camera.

After deciding that teaching was not in the cards, and realizing that she had blown out both wrists and would not make it as a performer, she spent a few months figuring out what she wanted to do.  After examining every option and nearly deciding, she stumbled upon Arts Administration.  ”How cool,” she thought.  ”It’s perfect!  Combining my love of the arts with a business edge while still doing good things!”  And so, she packed up for Boston University’s Master’s of Science in Arts Administration.  She finally graduated in May 2009, and has been busily networking and looking for more photo work ever since landing the Resident Photographer gig at Central Square Theater in Cambridge.

Several cameras, a few classes and tutorials later, Liz has decided to set out as a photographer.  She loves photographing theater, music, and live performing arts.  As a former performer, she feels she can get inside the action, find the perfect shot, and capture the moments that are most important.

Liz lives near Davis Square in Somerville, with an adorable cat named Count Zaphor das Kittenator, and her two roommates.  She currently spends her days shuttling between several marketing-and-social-media-related nonprofit assignments in the Boston arts and culture scene, volunteering with the Boston Pride Committee, and generally being busy enough for 3 people.  Sometimes, late at night, you can find her wandering along the Charles River, just marveling at how she gets to live here, in this amazing metro.

However, she would like you to know that her schedule is pretty malleable, and she’d love to work with you on your project – photographically and otherwise!

Get in touch with her today: