SXSW - Thursday, March 17 - Dot Com Stage & The Ale House

Ok, day two!  

Who’s ready for some more metal?

I got called in yesterday afternoon to cover a shift, and spent my afternoon at the Dot Com Stage in the Austin Convention Center.  Saw some pretty excellent music.  I guess that’s the benefit of shooting this festival - finding new bands and becoming a super fan. 

Anyway, here’s one of Neon Hitch.  This girl had a serious Gaga quality about her, but it had a twist.  I’m interested to see where she goes in the next few years.  I can definitely see them succeeding.

Then I hopped over to the Ale House for my evening shows.  I’m not a metal girl, but for the most part, at least it was good metal.  My main focus was supposed to be Daniel Lioneye.  Turns out, this is a metal band I could see myself getting behind:

And, as a special guest, Peter Murphy played an acoustic set.  That’s pretty rad.

Off tonight to work the Palm Door!