So they didn’t use that photo in the online version, but I got credit there?  Weird.
Oh well.
But there’s only two weeks left of this awesome show!  Don’t miss it!
The discount code, one more time, is “AIR10”.  Gets you $10 tickets two any performance.  Do it.  Do it now.
Just sayin’.

So they didn’t use that photo in the online version, but I got credit there?  Weird.

Oh well.

But there’s only two weeks left of this awesome show!  Don’t miss it!

The discount code, one more time, is “AIR10”.  Gets you $10 tickets two any performance.  Do it.  Do it now.

Just sayin’.

Review - Not Enough Air - Central Square Theater - Boston Phoenix

Holy crazy awesome review day, Batman!

The Boston Phoenix, as I’ve mentioned before, has had a hard time getting a critic to a show at Central Square Theater this season.  If we all recall, they sent someone to Harriet Jacobs during the very last weekend - which was already sold out!

This time, for Not Enough Air, they’re “doin’ it right”, and managed to get our favorite, Carolyn Clay to the actual press opening.  The review starts on page one here, but the photo in question is on page 2.

In case I haven’t mentioned it a bazillion times already - this show is awesome.  You should totally come see it.  AIR10, people.  AIR10.

Not Enough Air - Central Square Theater

Have you ever been so involved with your work or your art that it makes you, well, a little crazy?

That’s pretty much what we have here, in the Nora Theatre Company’s production of Not Enough Air.

The trial of Ruth Snyder was immensely popular in its day.  If you don’t know, in 1925, Ruth Snyder conspired with her lover to kill her husband, was convicted, and was the first woman to be put to death by the state of New York in the 20th century.  Sophie Treadwell, a journalist-turned-playwright was fascinated by the story, and stories like it, of women who were, in a sense, trapped in their own lives.  When Sophie got kicked off the story from a journalist’s perspective, she decided to write her own version, which ended up being the catalyst for her play, Machinal.

Not Enough Air tells us the story of Sophie getting caught up in the maelstrom of telling the stories of women like Ruth Snyder.  There’s is so much going on in this play - a bit of feminism, a bit of play-within-a-play, darkness, death, humor - it’s got it all.  It’s fascinating, and wonderfully done.  The script is amazing, the actors are fantastic.  Anne Gottleib plays a brillant Sophie, and an intense and kind of creepy (to be honest) Marianna Bassham (wearing grey above) plays the role of “Young Woman” - who reminds us all of Ruth, and all the women like her who have been trapped in their own lives.

As per usual, I’ve got a discount code:  AIR10 will get you $10 tickets to any show.  And I highly recommend it.

Review - Harriet Jacobs - Central Square Theater - Boston Phoenix

The Boston Phoenix has been struggling to send a theater critic to Central Square Theater productions this season.  Like most news media outlets, they’ve had to cut back on staff, and some of their critics now freelance.  And that’s why this review of Harriet Jacobs is so great.

A little late in the game, but just in time for me to tell you that due to popular demand, Harriet Jacobs is adding two more shows this weekend - Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 7 pm!

As this show has been sold out for most of the run, it’s advisable to get your tickets NOW.  And as always, the discount code for my readers (all 6 of you!) is “HJ10”.

Review - Harriet Jacobs - Central Square Theater -

Double duty! featured Harriet Jacobs twice this week!  And my photos in both - with credits!  Awesome!

Once in a feature of Lydia Diamond (the playwright)

And again in the official review of the play here.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, you really should come see this show.  As I also work in other capacities at Central Square Theater, I got to sit in on the Artists and Audiences talkback after last evening’s performance, and got to hear some fantastic thoughts from audience members and cast alike.  We’ll be uploading some video from that talkback - and some of the other awesome events happening around this show - shortly.

The discount code “HJ10" is still active, if you’re like me and sometimes short on cash.  But do yourself a favor and see this show - and soon, as it absolutely must close January 31.

Special Harriet Jacobs discount alert!

Harriet Jacobs has been playing to sold out houses this weekend, and promises to sell even faster, so I want to let you in on a little secret.

I’ve been given a special discount code that’s good for $10 tickets to ANY performance of this amazing show.  Go to the CST website and use discount code “HJ10” for your $10 tickets!

I love this cast - they’re so much fun, and they do such an amazing job with such a story.  You can see how hard they’re working in the photos.  You definitely need to come see it - all 10 of you who read this blog! ;-)

Review: Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs - Broadway World

Here’s one of my photos in the long, detailed synopsis and review of Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs, playing at Central Square Theater through December 27.

If you haven’t seen this show, you NEED to.  It’s so wonderful - but not in that overly familiar, cheesy Nutcracker-and-A-Christmas-Carol way (not that there’s anything wrong with those shows - it’s just nice to have a change of pace).

If you’re looking for cheap tickets to Tru Grace, Cheap Thrills Boston (another awesomely cool blog) just offered $10 tickets with discount code “THRILLS” at checkout.  Do yourself a favor, and go see it.