Review - Harriet Jacobs - Central Square Theater -

Double duty! featured Harriet Jacobs twice this week!  And my photos in both - with credits!  Awesome!

Once in a feature of Lydia Diamond (the playwright)

And again in the official review of the play here.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, you really should come see this show.  As I also work in other capacities at Central Square Theater, I got to sit in on the Artists and Audiences talkback after last evening’s performance, and got to hear some fantastic thoughts from audience members and cast alike.  We’ll be uploading some video from that talkback - and some of the other awesome events happening around this show - shortly.

The discount code “HJ10" is still active, if you’re like me and sometimes short on cash.  But do yourself a favor and see this show - and soon, as it absolutely must close January 31.

Review - Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs -

First review with my photo! I’m really happy about that one (even though it was a PREVIEW photo, not a PRODUCTION photo) because is clearly working a little harder to credit photographers - WOOHOO!

The Boston Globe chose not to run any of my photos.  They had sent their own photographer the night before the shoot.  Boo.  :-(

Still waiting on the Herald and a few others.  But things are looking good!

Review (with my photo!): The Caretaker - always comes to our shows, and are typically quite kind to our productions.

Today’s review is no different, and features the preview photo from a few weeks ago!

On a side note - tomorrow, I shoot CRAVINGS for Central Square Theater.  It’s in the studio theater, while The Caretaker is on the mainstage - playing at the same time!  Two shows in one space - oh boy!