Preview - Fever Chart - Central Square Theater - gives a nice preview of the just-started show at Central Square Theater.  

I’m not sure what they did to my photo, but there it is.  

There will be production photos soon, I promise!  I was up all night last night getting them uploaded for the theater, so it’s gonna take me a while to wade through them all!

Review - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater - /

I’m SO far behind!  

Reviews have come out for From Orchids to Octopi like crazy, and I’ve been trying to hard to keep up.  Everyone LOVES the photo of Wes and the monkey in the mural.  Who knew?  Today, we have the Boston Globe and the Boston Phoenix - read on:


"Lopez has given us a faithful portrait of a Charles Darwin who, like her fictional muralist, is at once deeply devoted to his children and struggling to balance his home life with his work. How refreshing to see a man, as well as a woman, talking about these issues onstage."

In print:  

Half pagers make me smile.


"Moreover, the performances by the actors in their primary roles are natural enough, with Wesley Savick a gently dyspeptic Darwin and Kortney Adams’s Emma as bemused by what shows up in her cranium as she is by the crisply eccentric obstetrician played by URT artistic director Debra Wise."

In print: 

The Phoenix never credits. Sigh.

From Orchids to Octopi runs through May 2, and shows keep selling out - one recommendation:  Weeknights are always good nights to see theater, for those who don’t want to chance it on a sold-out weekend.  And remember - FOTO will get you 1/2 price tickets to any show!

Review - Not Enough Air - Central Square Theater - Boston Globe

Oh, Louise Kennedy, how I heart you.  It’s been quite a while since you’ve come to Central Square Theater, and I’m so glad you came to Not Enough Air.

This is fast becoming the iconic shot of the show.  I have mixed feelings about it, as it doesn’t show the leading lady’s face, but the composition is fantastic and it shows the basis of the struggle of the play:  does one submit to their work or to their personal life?

If you had to choose, which would it be?  Your work or your love?  Your art or your relationships?  Your work or your art?