Review - The Lady with all the Answers - Central Square Theater -

I’m so far behind, lovelies!  I’ve not even given you the production photos, and reviews are starting to come out!  It’s been just a crazy, crazy week!

Jenna’s not enthused (even so much as to not give me credit!  Sad!), but many others are - and I hope you are too when you see it!

The Lady With All The Answers runs through June 27 - and keeps selling well, so get your tickets today

Review - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater -

Even though there are great photos of the production circling the press, everyone just loves the photo of Wes with the monkey that we took as a preview.  


Whatevs, it’s still mine, even though there’s no credit this time.

Read it here.  Or pick up a print copy, cause they actually ran the photo in there, too!

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Review - Not Enough Air - Central Square Theater - Boston Herald

Jenna liked it!

Which is awesome, because it really is a fantastic story.  In case I’ve never mentioned that before.

Jenna used two of my photos - the first one, not my favorite, but it does give you a bit of a sense of the play (Sophie, as a female who was, in a sense, trapped by her life/marriage - even her regimented and negotiated life with her husband, Mac), and the second, I adore.  (Is that too egotistical?  Am I allowed to adore my own work?)  It’s a perfect representation of the fact that Sophie’s main character was always, always on her mind, even in the background, furiously creating a work of meaning.

Anyway - here’s the review, and don’t forget, AIR10 will get you $10 tickets to any performance - and it runs through 3/14.

Review - Harriet Jacobs - Central Square Theater - Boston Herald

I dunno why, but I got a little verklempt reading this review.  (Which features and credits TWO of my photos!)

I think it partly has something to do with the fact that it is SO DAMN HARD (excuse the language) to please this particular critic.  And she LOVED it.

What does that tell you about the quality and content of this show?

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Use it.

You won’t regret it.