Review - The Lady with all the Answers - Central Square Theater -

I’m so far behind, lovelies!  I’ve not even given you the production photos, and reviews are starting to come out!  It’s been just a crazy, crazy week!

Jenna’s not enthused (even so much as to not give me credit!  Sad!), but many others are - and I hope you are too when you see it!

The Lady With All The Answers runs through June 27 - and keeps selling well, so get your tickets today

Review - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater -

Even though there are great photos of the production circling the press, everyone just loves the photo of Wes with the monkey that we took as a preview.  


Whatevs, it’s still mine, even though there’s no credit this time.

Read it here.  Or pick up a print copy, cause they actually ran the photo in there, too!

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