McAlister Drive at Hard Rock Boston

Apologies if I seem scattered lately - summer certainly has been interesting!

I was introduced to the style of McAlister Drive when they played with Living Syndication two years ago, when I was just a baby photog.  I did actually take photos of them that night - I just can’t find them.  (But the intricacies of digital storage and it’s pitfalls is a topic for another time.  Ahem.)

Anyway, after seeing McAlister Drive play at a few other events in the area, I started to dig their sound.  They’ve just put new EP out, and so they partied at the Hard Rock, like ya do.  

Since I’ve shot at the Hard Rock before, I know how to sweet talk the security guys into letting me run around as much as I can - but even that doesn’t help that the pit is pretty much at only the corners of the stage, and the ramp up to the raised platform that is stage left.  But at least the lighting is at least kind of interesting and workable.  I shot for MD a few weeks before at Tommy Doyle’s in Cambridge, and, well, it was pretty much disastrous.  

On to photos!  As a former musician with orthopedic issues that prevent me from playing well these days, I find musician’s hands fascinating - just in case you’re wondering why with the up close frames of hands, fingers, and instruments.  

Check out McAlister Drive’s new EP, “Missing Figures” on iTunes!