Endway at the Middle East 2/26

Ok, life has been ridiculous for the last couple of months, so that’s why I’m just now getting to this, but y’all gotta check out Endway.  They’re pretty much awesome, and fantastic live.  

They played at the Middle East in Cambridge on 2/26 with McAlister Drive - I just haven’t had time to do anyone’s photos lately, what with trying to get SXSW out the door. 

Also, in related news, my galleries are back up and running, so check out this slideshow and buy yourself some prints!

Endway Middle East 2/26 - Images by Elizabeth Stewart

SXSW - Saturday, March 19 - Continental Club

I don’t even know who these bands are at the moment, but I’m at the airport and wanted to share them with you.  I was at the Continental Club tonight, and, as I begged on Twitter the other day, I just wanted a dark, dingy rock club with some old guys and guitars.  

And that’s precisely what I got tonight!

SXSW - Friday, March 18 - The Palm Door

Dayyyyyyy 3!  

I guess the good thing about this gig is that it’s expanding my ability to shoot different kinds of music.  

The Palm Door last night was a lot of dance, hip-hop, rap, electronic, and several DJs.  The Fool’s Gold family sure puts on a fun show - even if the lighting was bad and I could barely push my way to the stage half the time.

Here we go:

Party Supply:


The Suzan (ps, these girls from Japan were peppy and simply ADORBZ - and pretty darn good):

SXSW - Thursday, March 17 - Dot Com Stage & The Ale House

Ok, day two!  

Who’s ready for some more metal?

I got called in yesterday afternoon to cover a shift, and spent my afternoon at the Dot Com Stage in the Austin Convention Center.  Saw some pretty excellent music.  I guess that’s the benefit of shooting this festival - finding new bands and becoming a super fan. 

Anyway, here’s one of Neon Hitch.  This girl had a serious Gaga quality about her, but it had a twist.  I’m interested to see where she goes in the next few years.  I can definitely see them succeeding.

Then I hopped over to the Ale House for my evening shows.  I’m not a metal girl, but for the most part, at least it was good metal.  My main focus was supposed to be Daniel Lioneye.  Turns out, this is a metal band I could see myself getting behind:

And, as a special guest, Peter Murphy played an acoustic set.  That’s pretty rad.

Off tonight to work the Palm Door!

SXSW - Wednesday, March 16 - Havana Bar

So it begins!

Last night, I was assigned to the Havana Bar in downtown Austin to shoot what turned out to be two totally separate venues that I was responsible for covering.  Inside were smaller, quirkier bands, and outside in the backyard?  Death metal.  

Let’s just say I am going to search in earnest for earplugs for today to make sure I don’t go completely deaf during this trip.  

Here are a few picks from last night:


Chapter 24:

Veil of Maya:

Chips for the Poor:

I shot ten bands last night, so clearly, I’m missing a few in this post.  However, time’s running short this morning - I’m being called in to cover another photog’s shoot this afternoon.  I’ll be at the Dot Com stage in the Austin Convention Center this afternoon from 1-6 and at the Ale House from 8-2.

See you all latah!

CMJ Music Marathon 2010

Oh, NYC.  This was my first trip on my own (high school senior class trips don’t count, k?).  I’m a little bit in love with it, not gonna lie.

And CMJ?  Totally. Redonk.  

I was at the Living Room for most of the night, and it was pretty packed for most of the sets, so getting a good shooting spot was difficult.  Unfortunately, I missed photo ops for several of the bands.

But I got to the front in time to see Anni Rossi, my boys (and Emma) in McAlister Drive, and Shayna Zaid and the Catch.  All of them were beyond fabulous, and you should check them out.  

Anyway, on to photos:

Living Syndication - Palladium

I’ve been trying to nail these guys down again for two years, and out of the blue, Pervez asked me to photograph their show at the Palladium in Worcester.  

Can I just mention they put on an amazing show?  These guys know how to rock.  I’m a little in love with the bassist as a photo subject, because he’s working his ass off and having FUN doing it.  And as a former musician, I can say that something like that is of utmost importance.  Anyway - here’s a first draft of some of my favorites: