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I’m SO far behind!  

Reviews have come out for From Orchids to Octopi like crazy, and I’ve been trying to hard to keep up.  Everyone LOVES the photo of Wes and the monkey in the mural.  Who knew?  Today, we have the Boston Globe and the Boston Phoenix - read on:


"Lopez has given us a faithful portrait of a Charles Darwin who, like her fictional muralist, is at once deeply devoted to his children and struggling to balance his home life with his work. How refreshing to see a man, as well as a woman, talking about these issues onstage."

In print:  

Half pagers make me smile.


"Moreover, the performances by the actors in their primary roles are natural enough, with Wesley Savick a gently dyspeptic Darwin and Kortney Adams’s Emma as bemused by what shows up in her cranium as she is by the crisply eccentric obstetrician played by URT artistic director Debra Wise."

In print: 

The Phoenix never credits. Sigh.

From Orchids to Octopi runs through May 2, and shows keep selling out - one recommendation:  Weeknights are always good nights to see theater, for those who don’t want to chance it on a sold-out weekend.  And remember - FOTO will get you 1/2 price tickets to any show!

Review - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater -

Even though there are great photos of the production circling the press, everyone just loves the photo of Wes with the monkey that we took as a preview.  


Whatevs, it’s still mine, even though there’s no credit this time.

Read it here.  Or pick up a print copy, cause they actually ran the photo in there, too!

Don’t forget - FOTO will get you 1/2 price tickets to any performance!

Preview - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater - Boston Globe

Wow!  I haven’t even had time to look at the actual production photos (taken just last night), and there’s already a printed photo!  

The online version can be found here

And here’s the print version:

Preview Photos - From Orchids to Octopi, Central Square Theater

Why, hello, there, world!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Today, I went on location for a photo shoot for the next Central Square Theater production, From Orchids to Octopi, starting March 31.  Since the play involves an evolving mural of epic proportions, the artist of said mural, David Fichter, had to find a space in which he could work.  So somewhere on the Somerville/Cambridge line, we found an undeveloped office space with fabulous natural light and an amazing view of the greater Boston skylines, and went to work.

From Orchids to Octopi is commissioned by the National Institutes of Health in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.  It’s written by local playwright, Melinda Lopez, and features the process of creation - and the evolution of our art and ourselves - with Charles Darwin commenting along the way!

This is going to be a fantastic show - and not just because of the murals.  We’ve got talent like Kortney Adams and Wes Savik.  Really?  Really.  It’s going to be awesome.  Anyway - on to the photos!

From Orchids to Octopi

From Orchids to Octopi

From Orchids to Octopi

And the brains behind the mural?  David Fichter himself:

David Fichter

Tickets for From Orchids to Octopi are on sale now, but if you like, I can possibly dig up a discount code.  But this show expects to sell out, so I’d get tickets ASAP to be sure you get in!