Preview - Fever Chart - Central Square Theater - gives a nice preview of the just-started show at Central Square Theater.  

I’m not sure what they did to my photo, but there it is.  

There will be production photos soon, I promise!  I was up all night last night getting them uploaded for the theater, so it’s gonna take me a while to wade through them all!

Preview - Fever Chart - Central Square Theater

My tenure as resident photographer at Central Square Theater has finally come back around to being forefront (as much as I love the music gigs, the kinds of bands I run with can’t usually pay much). 

Later this month, CST will be presenting Fever Chart: Three Visions of the Middle EastI’m intrigued by this show, and based on the scene runs I saw yesterday, it should be great.  All the actors have great chemistry together, which is something I love to see when shooting three weeks out from the final dress. 

As per usual, we were in CST’s studio theater, which has notoriously bad lighting unless it’s set for a show.  I basically get house lights and canisters, and those aren’t flattering at all, ever, namely in the shadowed faces under the awkward spacing of lights.  I often deal with extremes in this space, because the lighting is so spotty.  Images are usually overexposed or underexposed, and if they’ve not got exposure issues, you’d best pray that you captured the right moment, cause that’s what you’ve got. 

Still, we did the best we could. 

Preview - Hound of the Baskervilles - Central Square Theater - Improper Bostonian


I have no other words.  (But can I just tell you how often I’ve tried to land a piece in the Improper at any of my other organizations?)

The game is afoot!  

Sorry, folks, I’m behind on life in general, but I’ll get caught up soon!  

Last Thursday, I took some preview photos for The Hound of the Baskervilles playing Central Square Theater this summer.  Now, I don’t know much about the show - other than it’s not your average Sherlock Holmes mystery.  It’s a farce, with three actors playing more than a dozen roles, and it’s supposed to be rollickingly funny.  I worked with Remo Airaldi, who had a blast, playing with the iconic Holmes props.  

The hardest part of this shoot - other than the studio lighting, which is always a challenge - was keeping the right balance of magnified eyeball and normal sized face, all with keeping myself out of the reflection of the magnifying glass.  But Remo was quite fun to work with - and I look forward to meeting the other guys at the photo call!

Preview - The Lady With All The Answers - Central Square Theater

Now that I’m back from LA, it’s time to get down to business.  

The production shoot for The Lady with All The Answers is TONIGHT, and there have been preview photos in the Globe already.  For instance, online is a photo, albeit small.

Here’s the large, print version from a few days ago:

And here’s today’s “Things to Do” feature (AND online!):

Lady runs through June 26 - and is expected to sell out, so get your tickets early!

Preview Photos - The Lady With All The Answers - Central Square Theater

Sometimes, I forget what preview shoots are like.  Basically, I have 10-15 minutes with an actor/actors, sometimes a director, sometimes a stage manager, almost always a costume designer, and always the marketing manager, who knows what he’s looking for.  The photos may or may not end up looking like the actual show - but that’s ok.  What we’re going for in these previews is a feeling.  Something that captures the essence of what the show is about.  

I was originally worried that this shoot would end up looking a little too much like Not Enough Air - there’s a woman and a typewriter at a table.  But my fears were soon abated when our actress arrived.  And even more relieving was the moment she started spouting lines.

Central Square Theater is wrapping up From Orchids to Octopi this weekend (they even added a show on Sunday night - check it out, I think there are still tickets left!), and we’re looking ahead for the next show:  The Lady With All The Answers.

Everyone has that person they go to for advice - and for fifty years, many of us turned to the one, the only, Ann Landers.  

The Lady With All The Answers starts May 13 (it’s MAY already?!), and runs through the end of June.  In this one-woman show about the delicacies of giving delicate advice, Ann Landers is played by one Ms. Stephanie Clayman, whom, if you’re a theater lover in Boston, you’ve probably seen around town.  

Preview - From Orchids to Octopi - Central Square Theater - Boston Globe

Wow!  I haven’t even had time to look at the actual production photos (taken just last night), and there’s already a printed photo!  

The online version can be found here

And here’s the print version:

Preview Photos - From Orchids to Octopi, Central Square Theater

Why, hello, there, world!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Today, I went on location for a photo shoot for the next Central Square Theater production, From Orchids to Octopi, starting March 31.  Since the play involves an evolving mural of epic proportions, the artist of said mural, David Fichter, had to find a space in which he could work.  So somewhere on the Somerville/Cambridge line, we found an undeveloped office space with fabulous natural light and an amazing view of the greater Boston skylines, and went to work.

From Orchids to Octopi is commissioned by the National Institutes of Health in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.  It’s written by local playwright, Melinda Lopez, and features the process of creation - and the evolution of our art and ourselves - with Charles Darwin commenting along the way!

This is going to be a fantastic show - and not just because of the murals.  We’ve got talent like Kortney Adams and Wes Savik.  Really?  Really.  It’s going to be awesome.  Anyway - on to the photos!

From Orchids to Octopi

From Orchids to Octopi

From Orchids to Octopi

And the brains behind the mural?  David Fichter himself:

David Fichter

Tickets for From Orchids to Octopi are on sale now, but if you like, I can possibly dig up a discount code.  But this show expects to sell out, so I’d get tickets ASAP to be sure you get in!

Review - Harriet Jacobs - Providence Journal

Harriet Jacobs, the amazing sell-out show that played at Central Square Theater in January has gone on tour, thanks to extremely popular demand - and there’s even more press, photos, and crediting!

This weekend, it played in Hibernian Hall, Roxbury, MA.  This week, it travels to Providence, Rhode Island to play at Perishable Theatre.

The Providence Journal writes: “When Harriet Jacobs published her “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” critics wouldn’t believe her. Some of the events were just too extraordinary.”

Indeed, the events and the story are extraordinary.  If you missed the Cambridge shows, don’t miss out again - March 10-13, get yourself down to Providence and see this awesome show.