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I have no other words.  (But can I just tell you how often I’ve tried to land a piece in the Improper at any of my other organizations?)

Review - The Lady with all the Answers - Central Square Theater - HubReview

So we all know I don’t like this guy, right?  He’ll credit every idiot with a point and shoot, but not me?  Awesome.

During From Orchids to Octopi, he stole - that’s right, STOLE, as in yoinked, swiped, ganked, etc - one of the preview photos right from this here blog WITH MY WATERMARK, to post in his little blog because he no longer has access to the real thing anymore, and I posted a DMCA takedown notice on it, and Google followed through, because he’s hosting through Blogspot, and God forbid that any of their lovlies get tangled up in a copyright mess.  So yay Google!

Anyway, here’s his lackluster review of The Lady With All the Answers, which is still running, through June 26 at Central Square Theater.  And look - credit!

Review - The Lady with all the Answers - Central Square Theater -

I’m so far behind, lovelies!  I’ve not even given you the production photos, and reviews are starting to come out!  It’s been just a crazy, crazy week!

Jenna’s not enthused (even so much as to not give me credit!  Sad!), but many others are - and I hope you are too when you see it!

The Lady With All The Answers runs through June 27 - and keeps selling well, so get your tickets today

Preview - The Lady With All The Answers - Central Square Theater

Now that I’m back from LA, it’s time to get down to business.  

The production shoot for The Lady with All The Answers is TONIGHT, and there have been preview photos in the Globe already.  For instance, online is a photo, albeit small.

Here’s the large, print version from a few days ago:

And here’s today’s “Things to Do” feature (AND online!):

Lady runs through June 26 - and is expected to sell out, so get your tickets early!