Why I love shooting theater

It dawned on me today, as my friend and coworker, Julie-Anne was talking about her experiences in theater as an actor.  She said, “The humanity comes from the actor.  The director can’t do that, the stage manager can’t do that, the designer and the sound can’t do that.  The actor humanizes it.”

That’s what I love.  I love capturing those moments when the actor is humanized, channeling the words and directions in the script in a way that defies what most of us are able to do with our bodies, minds and voices.  Similarly in music, when most people are bobbing to the beat, the musician is experiencing something completely different.  

As I am formerly - and formally - acquainted with performing, I know what this means.  Not to give too much trumpeting to myself, but I believe I can recognize it in others.  And those with whom I’ve worked in photography can likely attest to that.  

Fever Chart has opened at Central Square Theater, and will run through December 19th.  Starring a cast of Ken Baltin, Dan Shaked, Ibrahim Miari, Harry Hobbs, Miaria Silverman and Najla Said, this performance certainly gives us much to think about, in terms of humanity.  

I hope that the images I’ve pulled for you show such things.  

Review (with my photo!): The Caretaker - EdgeBoston.com

EdgeBoston.com always comes to our shows, and are typically quite kind to our productions.

Today’s review is no different, and features the preview photo from a few weeks ago!

On a side note - tomorrow, I shoot CRAVINGS for Central Square Theater.  It’s in the studio theater, while The Caretaker is on the mainstage - playing at the same time!  Two shows in one space - oh boy!