Review - Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs, Central Square Theater,

Hey, here’s a great review for Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs!  Can’t believe I almost missed it!

And check it!

They used one of my WATERMARKED PHOTOS!  YES!  (That’s not SOP, as the photos that we release to press are never watermarked, so I’m assuming they pulled it from this blog.  Reasons to always watermark your photos?  Yes, plz!)

Don’t forget - Tru Grace runs through December 27!  You should totally see it ASAP.

Review: Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs - Broadway World

Here’s one of my photos in the long, detailed synopsis and review of Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs, playing at Central Square Theater through December 27.

If you haven’t seen this show, you NEED to.  It’s so wonderful - but not in that overly familiar, cheesy Nutcracker-and-A-Christmas-Carol way (not that there’s anything wrong with those shows - it’s just nice to have a change of pace).

If you’re looking for cheap tickets to Tru Grace, Cheap Thrills Boston (another awesomely cool blog) just offered $10 tickets with discount code “THRILLS” at checkout.  Do yourself a favor, and go see it.

Review - Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs, Central Square Theater

Jenna decided she liked us!  And there are three of my photos!

Read it here!

"On the grounds of their sheer oddness, “The Loudest Voice” and “A Christmas Memory” are a refreshing addition to the holiday theater canon. Both are small stories short on miracles, but long on sweetness. In a season where ghosts and enchanted nutcrackers are a dime a dozen, a little of the everyday is just what we need."


Review - Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs -

First review with my photo! I’m really happy about that one (even though it was a PREVIEW photo, not a PRODUCTION photo) because is clearly working a little harder to credit photographers - WOOHOO!

The Boston Globe chose not to run any of my photos.  They had sent their own photographer the night before the shoot.  Boo.  :-(

Still waiting on the Herald and a few others.  But things are looking good!

Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs

Central Square Theater has paired Grace Paley’s The Loudest Voice with Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory.

And it is apparently amazing.  It’s hard for me to get into the stories I’m shooting, because I’m too busy with the goal: getting great images - whilst staying OUT of the actor’s ways.  (Yes, sometimes I’m guilty of crowding!  I fail!)

The Loudest Voice kept us laughing and lighthearted.

A Christmas Memory made us think - and brought us to tears.

Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs opens Thursday, November 19 at Central Square Theater.  Tickets are going fast for this show, so get ‘em early.  You can also share your holiday memories on this page for a chance to win a family pack of tickets to the performance of your choice.

Debra Wise and Michael Forden Walker rehearse scenes from Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs, playing at Central Square Theater November 19 - December 27.

I think I’m at the point where I’m able to manipulate photos enough to know that I no longer want to.  I can do great things when shooting in RAW and have managed to figure out how to tweak everything on my own (can you imagine what I could do with a little professional training?).

I think I’ve outgrown my equipment.  My Canon Rebel XTi is a great starter, and my basic lenses have done wonders in extending the life and versatility.  It really is a great intro to the DSLR semi-pros, but I have to move on.

Christmas is coming.  ;-)