Andy & Melissa Wedding

Weddings!  Even more fun when it’s family!  

My brother and his bride, Melissa, finally tied the knot this weekend, and, not gonna lie, they’re pretty adorbz.  While I wasn’t the ‘official’ photog, I still got off a few great shots, and so welcome to my family, folks, cause here they are:  

Right about here, halfway down the aisle, Melissa looked up and realized that instead of khakis and whatever had been previously planned, Andy was wearing a sharp tux.  

Butterfly releases are a little more successful in warmer weather, we think:

"Let’s just hide under here for a while, ok?"

Dancing with my father - she’s one of the family already!


Wedding - Laura & Chris

Apparently, my new thing is to photograph destination weddings.  

Glamorous as that sounds, I’m still a n00b, which means my destinations are places like Marshfield, Wisconsin, where I was this weekend to shoot the wedding of a friend of a friend.  

It was a gorgeous little backyard (front yard?) ceremony, and I even got to help set up - cause hey, what’s another couple of extra hands?  

However, on the wedding day, while putting finishing touches on the reception tables, the sky suddenly turned dark, the wind started to blow, and every bride’s nightmare came true: Massive thunderstorms sweeping the area!  After a panicked dash to save the flowers and the arbor and the delicate things that could get ruined, we simply had to wait it out.  Rain or no rain, this wedding was happening, so the ladies started getting ready in the house and we sent the groom off to the hotel.  

Amazingly, by the time the groom returned, suited up, the sky had begun to clear, the sun was out, and it wasn’t even that hot anymore.  Party back on!

The weather held through the ceremony and even through the vast majority of the reception, though there were scattered showers later in the evening - which only resulted in a double rainbow just across the street from the house!

So while there’s not much to do in Wisconsin (no, for real, we saw the Marshfield Zoo and the World’s Largest Round Barn, ate some fresh cheese curds, and that was pretty much it), they know how to do a beautiful wedding!  So, as far as destinations are concerned, this wasn’t so bad - great people, gorgeous home, and clearly, lots of love!

On to a few photos!

Stacey & Jeff - Teaser

Just FYI - it’s really hard to photograph in a bridesmaid’s gown.  I managed to shadow their official photographer after the ceremony, plus I got quite a few shots of the girls getting ready, but jeez louise, it’s hard to run around in a dress!

Anyway, here’s one of the ones I love:

Laurel & Andy - Teasers

Remember that wedding I went to a few weeks ago?  Yeah, I’m still editing those.  I’m getting there, though.  

I have to say, it’s quite difficult to shoot a friend’s wedding.  You don’t want to turn off your ears, because you want to remember the moment - but sometimes you have to tune out so that you’re paying attention to what you’re shooting.  

It was a gorgeous little ceremony out on the Valley Gem Steamer in the middle of the Ohio River (but technically in West Virginia).  I followed the girls around all morning and early afternoon, getting the hair, makeup, and dressing shots, managed to wrangle the boys away from the World Cup games long enough for portraits, and then we coordinated schedules so that everyone got to where they needed to be in time to not miss the boat.  

There are many more photos to come - and I’m preparing to send Laurel her photos - but I just needed to get these out in the world!